We Stood Tall With IBEW Local 611 Workers To Defend SunZia!

In solidarity with the workers who are now starting to build the largest renewable energy project in American history, we proudly stood tall to stop attempts by "conservation" groups to halt the development of the SunZia Transmission Line

SunZia is not going to be in their backyards. SunZia will be in our backyards, and YES, we want it here!

Defending the largest renewable energy project in U.S. history from bad faith attacks.

SunZia – the largest renewable project in North America - is a 500-mile transmission line that will bring 4,500 MW of clean energy online from New Mexico and Arizona to the Western United States. After decades of work, SunZia received critical approvals from the Bureau of Land Management and the Arizona Corporation Commission, despite efforts from "conservation" groups who wanted to halt SunZia’s positive progress bringing clean jobs and fighting against climate change.

In a time when well-paying construction jobs seem few and far between, we cannot allow the significant loss of employment opportunities. We cannot cater to NIMBY individuals and organizations who have no real skin in this game and only have their donors’ best interests in mind.

Join Us – Defend Clean Jobs Now!

  • SunZia represents an over $16 billion investment into New Mexico and Arizona and will generate $20.5 billion in economic benefits across these two states over the project's lifespan.
  • During the construction process, SunZia will generate 2,000+ construction jobs and over 100 permanent jobs once construction is complete.
  • SunZia will inject 158 million dollars in new revenue in Arizona and another $72 million in New Mexico.

SunZia's impact reaches far beyond revenue and employment. This project is critical to developing a strong, reliable grid structure to the Western part of the United States. It will drastically increase the capacity of local and regional power grids and pave the way for states like New Mexico to reach their carbon-zero goals.

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