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Defend Clean Jobs Now Against NIMBYism
and Self Interests in Clean Energy

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The country is at a crucial tipping point in the development of clean energy jobs, critical energy infrastructure development and the achievement of climate change goals. Help give a voice to workers who are too often overlooked in the conversation.

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Putting Jobs & Families First

We want to counterbalance the influence of national organizations that often prioritize donor interests over the needs of workers, as well as the impact of job-killers such as NIMBYs and NGOs that can delay or halt clean infrastructure projects.

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Defend Clean Jobs Now is a coalition of working people, including labor unions, members, and other clean energy workforce interests.

Our goal is to bring clean jobs to fruition by building awareness to unnecessary delays and stoppages to clean infrastructure projects.

The conversation around renewable energy infrastructure has centered on not-in-my-backyard (NIMBY), anti-climate, and environmental or conservation needs over the voices of men and women in need of jobs. This ignores the current and potential workers who make these projects possible. We support the hardworking men and women whose contributions to renewable energy are all too often overlooked as a top priority when approving and siting projects.

We seek to amplify the voices of workers who see the direct employment benefits of clean energy construction and development and give them a platform to share their stories.

We Need Your Help

For American workers and their families

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Communities, states, and leaders should be more concerned with the real world benefits these projects bring and less concerned with appeasing organizations with a headquarters hundreds of miles away.

Families are losing jobs and income. Communities are losing economic investment that could relieve financial burdens for decades to come. All because the clean jobs conversation has become dependent on the whims of groups and activists who seem to have ever-changing opinions about these vital projects despite supposedly being aligned with their own stated goals.

The employment and economic future of America cannot continue to be in the hands of people who are not looking out for workers.

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Challenge opponents and urge them to abandon their opposition to renewable infrastructure projects.

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Defend SunZia

Protect over 2,000 union jobs in New Mexico and Arizona.
Click here to learn more.

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