About Joe Spaulding

Joe Spaulding is the Founder and Director of Defend Clean Jobs Now. Joe is a seasoned advocate and leader who has made significant contributions to various social causes. His journey began in 2017 when a friend sought his expertise to address the issue of gerrymandering in Michigan. Recognizing the urgency of the matter, Joe spearheaded a successful campaign to amend the state constitution, establishing an independent citizens redistricting commission responsible for overseeing map-cutting processes in Michigan.

Relocating to the Bay Area in California, Joe's passion for positive change persisted. He became deeply engaged in advocating for affordable housing and renewable energy, partly motivated by his own harrowing experience during the Mendocino complex fire in 2018. Throughout his work in this arena, he observed a concerning trend - resistance towards clean energy initiatives from groups that claim environmental stewardship as their mission. Moreover, these organizations often hindered opportunities for union workers.

With a firm belief that environmentalism should be synonymous with clean energy advancement and robust union involvement rather than serving the interests so called "conservation" organizations, Joe founded "Defend Clean Jobs Now." This organization aims to unify and coordinate support for renewable energy projects while exposing the incongruities of certain groups that simultaneously claim to protect the environment.

Through Defend Clean Jobs Now, Joe seeks to reshape the narrative surrounding clean energy programs and foster greater opportunities for strong union employment. His vision is to curb the destructive impacts of climate change by dismantling the counterproductive tactics and messaging employed by those who obstruct meaningful progress in the field of clean energy.

Driven by a desire to effect systemic change, Joe Spaulding's mission with Defend Clean Jobs Now is to create a future where environmental protection and economic growth go hand in hand. By challenging the status quo and promoting a united front, Joe envisions a world where the well-being of our planet and the livelihoods of hardworking individuals are strong and clear priorities.

Join us today and stand with workers.

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